What is Crime Writers Consultations?

Do you like reading books about crime? Have you ever wondered how writers and moviemakers can accurately write about police procedures? They consult professionals – actual policemen that help them with all the necessary information. Veteran police officers could help you succeed. If you’re writing about police, consider buying paper online to get the best service. Brilliantly written, these papers will impact your studies and future career positively. Custom research papers on various topics never disappoint, that’s for sure.

If you are a novelist, screenwriter or movie maker seeking authenticity with your police procedurals, then you’ve come to the right place. Led by 22-year veteran Sergeant Derek Pacifico, Crime Writers Consultations is your one stop location to get all the help you need with your police procedural. With six years as a Homicide Detective, he and his team solved nearly 200 murders!

  • Want to know how it all really works?
  • Need help with creating authenticity?
  • Want to understand how real cops think, feel and act during investigations?
  • Want to learn the art of the interview and interrogation?
  • Need help with chapter or scene review in your novel or screenplay?
  • Want a real cop to come to your set and help you design scenes that will look like
    they are ripped from the newspapers?